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Asian Medical Student's Conference 

AMSC is a weeklong conference held annually in the middle of each year (late June to July period) , and is hosted by a local AMSA chapter in one of their main cities. AMSC involves the participation of hundreds of medical students from as many as 20 AMSA chapters. Past conferences that AMSA-UK has participated in include Philippines (2016), Korea (2017), Malaysia (2018), and Singapore (2019).


The objective of AMSC lies in creating a platform for a strong, global network of medical students, who as future medical practitioners, will explore and develop their academic knowledge, cultural appreciation and interpersonal skills.


AMSC comprises of three main aspects: academic, cultural and social programmes. This event allows medical students from AMSA chapters to congregate, discuss and present their projects and research which were conducted based on the theme agreed upon for the conference that year. In addition, delegates can also experience different traditions and customs through the cultural events organised throughout course of the conference, and gives students an opportunity to network and build lifelong friendships with future doctors across Asia, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or race.


AMSC London 2021


amsc 2020.jpg
AMSC 2021

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