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Throughout the year, we organise social events to promote bonding between AMSA UK medics of different years AND universities. It is a delightful way to meet new people, eat great food and have a wonderful evening! Although we weren't able to. have our typical in-person socials last year, or explore our favourite Chinatown spots, we are happy to announce that this year boasts the return of our famed in-person socials and the opportunity to get together again! Our socials are a fantastic way to meet our members (a super wholesome bunch) who always have an amazing time together. Don't hesitate to come along and join in the fun! 


Typical events include:

  • Pre-departure

  • Freshers' Meet and Greet

  • AMSA Explained and Welcome Dinner

  • Karaoke Night

  • Christmas Dinner

  • Chinese New Year Dinner

  • Bowling

  • End of Year Dinner

Our virtual events were also a hit last year, and we may bring some of them back this year for your enjoyment! Some of the virtual events we organised last year included : 

  • AMSA family Christmas Dinners
  • Virtual cook with me sessions

  • Netflix parties

  • Online games

To get a feel of how much fun our socials are, watch the video below of our AMSA Christmas Dinner back in 2019! 

We are really looking forward to our social events this year, which are perfect ways to destress after a long day of lectures or being on your feet all day during placements. It also helps us foster an even tighter knit AMSA family! Stay tuned to what we have in store through our Facebook and Instagram accounts - we won't disappoint! So what are you waiting for? We hope to see all of you (in-person) very soon!! Much AMSA love xx 

We are also FAMED for our "Secret Socials".  Come to one and leave... enlightened ;) Stick around after socials and you shall be rewarded with the TRUE AMSA EXPERIENCE!

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