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Asian Medical Student's Exchange Programme

AMSEP is AMSA’s preclinical/clinical exchange programme. In February, participants have the opportunity to host AMSA members from another AMSA chapter. During the summer, participants can then spend a week abroad to visit the AMSA chapter they have hosted. 


A typical AMSEP exchange includes a mixture of clinics, lectures and sightseeing. However, the real heart of AMSEP is all about making lifelong friends and contacts across the world.

Past exchanges include Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. For AMSEP 2019, we hosted medical students from Tokyo, Japan and in 2020 we had the pleasure of hosting medical students from Indonesia.

On another note, we also organise an annual "Mini-AMSEP", where we host medical students from other AMSA UK chapters such as AMSA NI and AMSA Scotland and vice versa. This is a taster of what AMSEP is like, and is the perfect opportunity to pack your bags, travel to new places, and meet new friends inexpensively! An event that cannot be missed.

Amsep 2021

stay tuned for the big reveal!

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