Previous Committees...

2018 - 19

Presidents: Sa-bin Hong and Samantha Sohn
Regional Co-ordinator: Victoria Yang
Secretary: Seungmin Han
Treasurer: Pylin Parkes
AMSEP Officers: Qianhui Sun and Nicole Sun
Academic Officer (IC):  Seri Park and Felyx Wong
Academic Officers (KCL): Makinah Haq, Tommy Mak, Andrews Espehana
Social Secretary: Chang Kim and Anawinla Ta
Publicity Officer: Htet Oo and Grace Hui

2017 - 18

Presidents: Moses Koo and Jenny Lin
Regional Co-ordinator: Chloe Lim
Secretary: Samantha Sohn
Treasurer: Gina Tse
AMSEP Officers: Sa-bin Hong and Pylin Parkes
Academic Officer (IC):  Jack Teh and Stevie Lam
Academic Officers (KCL): Sarah Lim 
Social Secretary: Bo Kang Lee
Publicity Officer: Qianhui Sun

2016 - 17

Presidents: Elly Fujitake and Charlotte Huang
Regional Co-ordinator: Woojin Chae
Secretary: Patrick Chan
Treasurer: Lily Cai
AMSEP Officers: Ying Jin and Moses Koo
Academic Officer (IC):  Azmi Rahman and Peter Huang
Academic Officers (KCL): Jenny Lin and John Lee
Social Secretary: Jack Teh
Publicity Officer: Mynhi Dang

2015 - 16

Presidents: Shu Wan Chua and Victor Fung
Regional Co-ordinator: David Zhang
Secretary: Elly Fujitake
Treasurer: Nicole Quah
AMSEP Officers: Adrian Choy and Boon Fong Chong
Academic Officer (IC):  Leon Han Pay and PJ Wang
Academic Officers (KCL): Guy Achakulwisut and John Lee
Social Secretary: Anthony Chung
Publicity Officer: Charlotte Huang

2014 - 15

Presidents: Jazlyn Kuah and Jeeyune Bahk 
Regional Co-ordinator: David Zhang
Secretary: Jaslyn Gan
Treasurer: Ken Ho Weixing
AMSEP Officers: Chloe Choy and Shu Wan Chua
Academic Officer (IC):  Kelly Jiyu Lim and Ji Soo Baik
Academic Officers (KCL): Hannah Wang and Ian Yang
Social Secretary: Victor Fung
Publicity Officer: Joe Ting

2013 - 14

Presidents: Fiona Liu and Grace Kwok
Regional Co-ordinator: Jeeyune Bahk
Secretary: Shu Han Leong
Treasurer: Ken Ho Weixing
AMSEP Officers: Peachy Amrapala and Jazlyn Kuah
Academic Officer (IC): Jong Seok Ahn and Samuel Kim
Academic Officers (KCL): Justin Chiam and Han Xern Khoo

Volunteer Officer: Annie Kim
Social Secretary: Ju Hyoung Yoo
Publicity Officer: Clifford Lek

2012 - 13

Presidents: Tony Tien and Ghoon Hoong
Regional Co-ordinator: Jacky Chen
Secretary: Grace Kwok
Treasurer: Luvarnia Sadasivan
AMSEP Officers: Shu Han leong and Jiawei Li
Academic Officers: Pippa Lee and Chan Ning Lee

Volunteer Officer: Stephanie Cheng
Social Secretary: Woojae Kim
Publicity Officer: Jeeyune Bahk

2011 - 12

Presidents: Hannah Huang and Julia Han
Regional Co-ordinator: Tony Tien
Secretary: Fiona Liu
Treasurer: Jiaqi Shi
AMSEP Officers: Alison Liu and Vivian Lam
Academic Officers: Ghoon Hoong Cheh, Soo Yoon, and and Yu Zhen Lau

Volunteer Officer: Sebastian Ho
Social Secretary: Ronald Cheung
Publicity Officer: Fai Lau

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