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Meet and Greet 2019

Meet and greet and most importantly, YE3T! - Quentin Mak

Starting off this post with a most wonderful and appropriate quote from the one and only Webmaster and Poet Extraordinaire, moi (it rhymes)! Freshers and old members, please remember that when times get tough, the weather turns sour and you still have a bajillion lectures to go through, all you have to do is YEET. Instantly, you reach a state of nirvana. No need to thank me :>


Fortunately this time around I was able to make the event. And boy oh boy was it an emotional rollercoaster that nearly dispatched me to Tommies A&E with a Myocardial Infarction. The event started at 10am, and I was actually early for change, but not early enough to help out with the setting up (big improvement from last year!).

Deprived of breakfast so that I could arrive early, I immediately latched myself onto the 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts that we had prepared for the lucky freshers. Ah, incomparable bliss. Krispy Kreme's are a dream. 2 doughnuts later, the room was still empty except for Committee Members and old members. The clock was 10:15. Where were the bloody freshers?

An atmosphere of dread and anxiety permeated the room. "We had 100+ sign ups, this shouldn't be happening" was the internal monologue. I could feel my heart sink, and I'm sure at the time everybody else was feeling the same way... The freshers arrived at 11:00. When they trooped in... I couldn't even begin to explain the relief that I felt that our society would continue to be ratified (before you laugh, 35 medics willing to pay £5 are a rare species!). The cause of their lateness was soon made abundantly clear. BLOODY LECTURES! I blame King's for putting me through the wrangler and nearly gifting me with MI at the prime age of 19.

Many thanks to the freshers who showed up and subscribed! We hope you liked the doughnuts and that you didn't go home with Type 2 Diabetes. To the new Year 2's (you know who you are) who came through, thank you to you too. Better late than never to join the family!


The Meet and Greet was an event for new members to meet and mingle with old members and the committee. New members were given the opportunity to ask the committee about questions they had about AMSA (the formal introductory event whereby AMSA is "decoded" is AMSA Explained, to take place on the 25th of October). Sign ups were conducted for those who missed the Freshers Fair, and the AMSA Family Scheme was introduced and promoted for those who were interested.

Check out our short video of the event below!

P.S To read more about the AMSA Family scheme, click on the hyperlink! It's the perfect way to bond and meet medics from across the years, as well as current doctors working in the NHS. I myself am a proud child of an AMSA Family. Just to give you an idea what my Family was up to last year, we traipsed to Brighton in November to make wontons and play board games at a CT2 doctor's house. Wholesome, innit?

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